Monday, March 1, 2010

Having Sciatica? Willow Bend Sports & Spine can help!

Millions of people now days are diagnosed with a very common condition known as Sciatica. This is a nerve referral pattern called a Dermatome that is a result of nerve irritation or compression. The irritant can come from many structures in the low back and pelvis. Today you hear a lot about Disc Bulges and Herniations, well those conditions definately contribute to Sciatica pain, but most physicians and Chiropractors forget about Ligaments and Muscles. Here at Willow Bend Sports & Spine Center we have been seeing a higher rate of misdiagnosis of Sciatica. Ligaments are the "glue" of our bodies that connect bone to bone, and with looseness due to trauma or injury this can cause muscles to react and cause Sciatica to occur. We offer Type IV "Hot" Laser Therapy, Type IIIB "Cold" Laser Therapy, and Prolotherapy by Dr. Elizabeth Eversull, M.D.,PM&R. These techniques and treatments are the gold standard for Ligament repair and tightening to help rid you of chronic Sciatica or low back pain. If you have any questions regarding your Sciatica or Low Back Pain please contact our office to schedule an appointment at 972-309-2021.


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